Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Olly was right!

Olly was right. This blogging everyday can be really tough. Its quite hard to commit to anything on a daily basis seven days a week unless you were born doing it, like eating, walking etc. Most days its fine making an entry as I've the free time to do it but this week has been tough. It's becoming a bit of a chore and I'm not sure if I'll be able (or want to) keep it up.

Last night I watched the Poker Million with John Duthie and the rest. I taught it was a reasonably enjoyable episode with some funny hands between Duthie and our own Peter Roche. John Duthie was playing wildly but still backing himself into hands and Roche (now sporting a Phil Laakesque hoodie was the only one taking him on as such. The eventual winner Harry Demitrieu seemed to be gifted first place thanks to big hands at the right time. Overall though an interesting poker show and I will continue to watch the series with interest.

I played for about two hours last night. I was playing 1/2 hold'em just and it went well. Approx $300 up for the night which is always welcome! I always feel I play better in regular short stints such as last night than say not playing all week and then attempting a 5 hour session on a Friday night or something. Last night proved that.

Congratulations today goes to LuckyLucky. One of many Irish poker players with the O' Callaghan's surname in toe, Barry is rocking in Serie A. After his opening round victory over me, he has now defeated Norwich Fan Rob, Valor and is 1-1 with Daithio. A 100% record in these tough games stands him in good stead for outright glory. Wp Barry!

Elsewhere there's not much happening on the Irish scene. Stephen McLean is busy plugging the I.P.O ahead of next weeks big game, check out


Undercoverblogger said...

Don't sound so shocked Gary!! It happens on occasion. ;)

Mellor said...

is the daily blog over,
you hard more readers than you think, I only set up a gmail account today so I was never able to comment,
try keep it up, maybe not daily,
but an occasional rambling on poker