Friday, July 11, 2008

Vegas Pt.10

No WSOP success this year. I came into the day short-stacked and vacated the building shortly into the second level when I had got to a stage where I needed a double-up to compete. The average was 150,000 and I had 50,000. Approaching the bubble with a short-stack was never going to be much fun and i made a stand with AK. I was racing against 10s and was left to race for the door with no pairing of my overs.

It's been a tough tournament which consisted of a great day one, a really tough day two and a standard day three. I'm out of pocket having refused all staking offers and footed the bill myself and this is what hurts now. But then again I'd look like a genius getting out if I had have scored big. Either way I have learnt a lot from this tournament. Ive a lot of hands I will be putting up on boards over the next few days .

My first WSOP over and I just hope I get another crack of the whip in the future. I will be older and wiser next time around, that's for sure.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vegas Pt.9

Very tough day in the RIO on day two. The wealth of riches which I was getting on day one seem a distant memory as I picked up very poor cards today. I finished the day on 69,300 which on reflection is quite reasonable. There was a lot of tough spots and some big stacks on the table which made play uneasy. I survived I guess is the best way to put it. There are still a lot of players below 40k so I suppose it could be worse. I could use a double up but with blinds at 750/1500 there is no panic just yet.

I've been told that Poker News didn't update on me today which I didn't realise. I'll be sure to say it to some of the guys tomorrow as I know some of the staff. Try Poker Listings for my progress perhaps. They seemed to be lurking around my area more and plus Chris and Rod from Blonde work for them and I do be talking to them throughout.

Day three is going to be one tough day. Even if I do get a double up early the chances are I'll still have a below average stack approaching the bubble which could prove to throw up a plethora of tough decisions form the table bully's and the short-stacks alike. Looking forward to a most interesting day tomorrow. I'll need some luck to get through to day 4 but there is no reason why I won't get some.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vegas Pt.8

Through to day two with 79,300. Day one went very well and I'm pretty hopeful going into tomorrow. My table looks tricky with a Swede who final tabled in 2004 and a Swiss guy who has had plenty of cashes throughout the world. The latter has a nice stack with the former going into the day short. I'm not overly concerned about table draws at this point, it's out of my control. I'll have to face good players and big stacks throughout so I'm neither happy nor unhappy with the table I've drawn. One positive is that I'll go into the table as chip leader.

I have no idea what to expect/hope for tomorrow. I had a roller-coaster on day one so I may get more of the same on day two. I just have to play each hand as best I can and make good decisions throughout. Good decisions, stay focused and remain confident, if I can achieve these three things throughout tomorrow I'll be happy.

And again a bit of good luck would be nice :)

I have the same plan as the night before day one, tonight. A meal, a cirque de soliel show and then off to bed early. It worked as good prep for day one so would be delighted if it helps me perform well again tomorrow.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Vegas Pt.7

Have played exactly 0 poker in the last three days, hence the lack of blogging. Been trying to get my mind off the game so have been avoiding forums, blogs, everything. Just trying to get fresh before the main event as my head was totally messed up the last time I played. Noel thinks I should have kept playing but I think I've made the right decision taking a break.

So I kick off tomorrow and it's all a bit surreal. Still cannot believe I'm playing it, it is quite a dream for me. I am on table 10, seat 8 (Amazon Red) if anyone happens to be wondering around the RIO tomorrow. I most certainly hope I shall be there all day.

The one thing I'm extra happy about is that I'm now in for 100% of my action. It's the only way to fly imo. I still cannot believe that Marty sold so much of himself in the 10k Omaha. Madness. At least if I get a big scoop I get to keep it. Isn't that the whole point? I dunno.

The final-table of the Omaha was tremendous and it's difficult to add to the reports already written about it on boards etc. It was a great result for Marty and a huge result for the Irish. I cannot wait to see the TV coverage of it. Every Irishman in Vegas was there and it was a night I won't forget in a hurry.

Then last night was the ladbrokes party which was awesome. They put on some show for the players and kudos to them indeed. I enjoyed it a lot.

Not much else to report, I'm off to a cirque de soleil show tonight with Seamus which should be a good way of winding down before the main event kicks off tomorrow. I'm not going to discuss expectations for the ME etc, I just have to go in and play my best and let the rest look after itself. A bit of luck in-running would be nice though :).

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vegas Pt.6

Over half way thru my Vegas excursion and still no respite. Played two $525 sit and go's today in the RIO and cashed in neither. I don't think I played badly, it's just an extension of what has been a luckless period. At this point I think very little can be gained from playing stt's/mtt's/cash. I had planned on winning a few thousand $$$ in week one in order to cover some of my ME entry and naturally I ended up losing a few. I cannot undo what is done but I also cannot make much in the few days left before the main event.

I think I may be best served leaving well enough alone over the next few days as I have nothing to gain as such. Sure I might win some money, but I am going to be down for the trip regardless so why stress myself unduly in the run up to Day 1C? I can run well fresh and have done so before and this is perhaps my best option. Minimal poker should result in a clear head and that's what I need I reckon.

Saturday is a new day, a new event and a new tournament. It is by far the biggest of my poker career and win, lose or draw I have to consider it an achievement by just playing it. That's not to say I am just here for a day out and to make up the numbers . No no. I will be battling as much as anyone and I have no problem being first man out if it's the correct play. I think the tourney/structure will suit me and I am looking forward to it immensely. Form is temporary and irrelevent. I am gonna go in fresh and play to win, the rest is in the lap of the gods.