Friday, July 11, 2008

Vegas Pt.10

No WSOP success this year. I came into the day short-stacked and vacated the building shortly into the second level when I had got to a stage where I needed a double-up to compete. The average was 150,000 and I had 50,000. Approaching the bubble with a short-stack was never going to be much fun and i made a stand with AK. I was racing against 10s and was left to race for the door with no pairing of my overs.

It's been a tough tournament which consisted of a great day one, a really tough day two and a standard day three. I'm out of pocket having refused all staking offers and footed the bill myself and this is what hurts now. But then again I'd look like a genius getting out if I had have scored big. Either way I have learnt a lot from this tournament. Ive a lot of hands I will be putting up on boards over the next few days .

My first WSOP over and I just hope I get another crack of the whip in the future. I will be older and wiser next time around, that's for sure.


Tom Muldowney aka Tempo said...

unlucky this year man!ive been keeping a close eye from over here in thailand pal!im sure this experience will pay off in the future gar!well done mate!

nicnicnic said...

great showing well done Gary, I'm sure you'll come back a more complete player, enjoyed the updates.

Rounders123 said...

Good effort in Vegas Gary was following your progress and it looked like a cash in the ME but twas not to be.
Youve actually achieved a lot so far at a young age when you think about.


Don said...

Hi Garry interested to read that you gring maybe you would contact me I have an idea Don

Don said...

that should have read grind