Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vegas Pt.6

Over half way thru my Vegas excursion and still no respite. Played two $525 sit and go's today in the RIO and cashed in neither. I don't think I played badly, it's just an extension of what has been a luckless period. At this point I think very little can be gained from playing stt's/mtt's/cash. I had planned on winning a few thousand $$$ in week one in order to cover some of my ME entry and naturally I ended up losing a few. I cannot undo what is done but I also cannot make much in the few days left before the main event.

I think I may be best served leaving well enough alone over the next few days as I have nothing to gain as such. Sure I might win some money, but I am going to be down for the trip regardless so why stress myself unduly in the run up to Day 1C? I can run well fresh and have done so before and this is perhaps my best option. Minimal poker should result in a clear head and that's what I need I reckon.

Saturday is a new day, a new event and a new tournament. It is by far the biggest of my poker career and win, lose or draw I have to consider it an achievement by just playing it. That's not to say I am just here for a day out and to make up the numbers . No no. I will be battling as much as anyone and I have no problem being first man out if it's the correct play. I think the tourney/structure will suit me and I am looking forward to it immensely. Form is temporary and irrelevent. I am gonna go in fresh and play to win, the rest is in the lap of the gods.


Pabloh said...

Tough so far Gary. Best of Luck in the ME I hope you get a cash.

Mellor said...

Best of luck in the ME Gary,
drop e a text if anything interesting crops up

Collie said...

I'm starting to get worried about you Gary. 'no problem being first man out if its the correct play', sorry, but I'm unaware of any such correct play in a big field/reasonably stacked tournament. Am I missing something??
That said,I hope you play well, and enjoy the event.

nicnicnic said...

Gl for main event Gary

Tom Muldowney aka Tempo said...

Hey gar,its Tomo.i sent u a txt on sunday but u may have been in the air already.im in thailand right now but im wishing u the best of luck in the ME man!laura says goodluck too man!!