Sunday, October 28, 2007

The sickos day out....

Last night was the final of the Jackpot cash league. With 66 qualified, the numbers were down slightly on last time. I'm just glad there wasn't 666 runners as it was worrying enough with the clocks going back, the monsoon rain and the "cursed" trophy. (Rest assured the latter would come into play later on in the night.)

All the regular faces were there for a night's sickness including a very notable appearance by a certain Lucky Lloyd. Although not playing in the tournament, Lloyd made his presence felt with an entrance even Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud of. Knocking a glass or two en route to the registration desk, O' Farrell was in the house. It was nice to catch him in good spirits and I for one would like to see him on the tables more regularly.

The show last night was however all about the jackpot sickos of the last 3 months. I was one of the earliest casualties as I tried a four man squeeze with pocket fours in the hold'em round. (hey I taught it was fate!). It got through three players but Dermot made a good call with 55 on the end. I should have sensed something was up as I was the third man employed to mind the trophy and it was only level three after all! The previous victim of the post was a certain Big City Banker. An untimely bluff into a temporary card-rack did the damage. The table did get a classic Hayes one-liner though as he was asked if he "had any outs". Noel replied that his only out was "the door" at this point. Well said sir!

Emporium regular but jackpot visitor for the evening Mick Stephens was another early casualty much to my delight as I got to play cash with him! He's so pleasant and funny to have at a table I just wish he'd play with us sickos (I'm aware it's the third time I've used this word to describe the jackpot regulars but I just think its so apt) more. He gave the "ah jaysus are you all in too-I call-cause I've got the nuts" merchant some funny looks that had me in stitches! In fairness to Mick, he seems to get little luck in running in Montague Street. He had some horrid luck last night while I was there but I'm sure he's had worse days, hopefully it improved after I left.

Gordon, Sammy and Keith Rooney were towards the front of the chip-counts going into the final, but as so often can happen, none of them brought home the trophy. I often pity players in that scenario. Being a chip leader going into the events brings a lot of undue pressure and expectations. Gordon I felt was a victim of this. He stated in his blog that a final table finish was compulsory, this I believe was a mistake. He is however not the first man to hit this wall I hasten to add. Marc suffered a similar faith last time around, as did Alan Sexton in the JP final. He should have just played the tournament with no expectations and just concentrated on playing quality poker. Speaking of Marc McDonnell, he certainly had his head in gear and his mind on the game. In stark contrast to the previous cash league final, he came through the field rather than slipped behind them. He's in scintillating form at present having came a cruel 3rd in the Emporium EPT qualifier, he followed it up with a 7th place finish last night for his second €1,000 plus payday this week. The other big winners on the night were Conor Broomfield, Sam Ali, Dermot, Mick and Paddy O Neill who won it.

That's your lot for today, my online poker screen is getting fed up beeping at me!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Jackpot IS the nuts!

Ya know what, the jackpot is still my favorite place to play cards. The people, the staff, the atmosphere and inevitably the poker is all top notch. Its the most welcoming place around I believe and the last couple of nights plays example to that. Friday night was great craic for instance. Having familiar faces around is really tops when it comes to a night's poker. I'm getting on with Gordon like a house on fire (no pun intended) at the minute and long may it continue. Keith Rooney also deserves a notable mention as I reckon he exemplifies all that's cool about the Jackers. He should become their P.R. manager!

I just don't get that in the emporium. The SE can appear cold and a little too business-like at times. I seem to be out of the loop anytime I play there and this is primarily the reason why I haven't been frequenting it much. It seems to lack banter, randomness and a sense of reality lately. Theres a possibility I could just be playing there on bad nights I suppose.

Saturday I played the JP free roll which quite frankly was a mistake on my part. Firstly I had planned on playing in Luke's for their quality tourney at 6pm. Now with JP's game starting at 1pm I should have foreseen the possible over-lapping but foolishly I didn't. Come 4pm I'm beginning to get anxious about getting out. I've a below average stack, I'm not enjoying the game and I'm going to miss the game that I intended on playing all along. Que attempted chip dumping. Conor Broomfield (who I know quite well from the jackpot) I taught could do with a top up as I'm forever pissing the poor lad off. Que bad beat for Conor, followed by some swearing at me. I'm not sure whether he hates me or if he just takes bad beats really badly but either way I always seem to be on the other end of his verbal. I got my commupons with an exit which perfectly coincided with getting knocked out reasonably near the bubble and Luke's tourneys shuffled up and dealt.

I played the big game in the Jackpot on Sunday. Some stacks of 2k plus to welcome you was kind of intimidating but I don't mind. I just play my game and my stack and let the others worry about theirs. Peter Maughan (who is an absolute gent for buying me dinner and isn't such a bad guy anyway!) was in flying form both on a and off the felt. I also met a much more somber and philosophical Conor Broomfield. All three of us seemed to have nice winning sessions with Peter inevitably taking the biscuit (I suppose he did buy dinner). I didn't recognise any of the others, probably cause they play bigger games than me, but one lad clad with ipod, sunglasses and any other poker stereotypical paraphernalia had a huge stack of Blacks/Greens. It makes a change from the old red/blues anyway.

Not much else to report by and large it was an enjoyable and successful weekend for me I'm glad to report (although I did lose a bit online today-but hey its bloody poker, cant win 'em all!). This just leaves me to give out song of the day Today's vid is Oasis singing "Hello". I was kinda singing this in the Jackpot this weekend so its apt!

Is it just me or am I in no position to be giving out songs of the day!?!?!?

More gos soon.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh no we don't need another Tony Fenton!!

I'm trying to make amends at the moment. I was going through some sort of a lull last week that I can't quite explain! I just got fed up of the slow and sometimes boring live game. Hopefully I'm over it now, it feels like I am. I wana be good and galvanised for Luke's on Saturday, thats for sure! Its the first proper, decent buy-in freeze out I've played in months.

Ironically enough I got a text yesterday about a 21st celebration, you can pretty much guess what day he's having it! I'm just so fed up missing great tournaments because of these needless parties. Then I have to settle with below par tournament that I'll just play crap in cause I'm not interested. Then I'll come on here and moan about losing interest in poker with the only reason being the €60 pub games I'm playing in working against me. A vicious circle indeed. I'll be playing Luke's this weekend even if it meant missing my own 21st party. (Edit to say-the Saturday of my 21st will probably be the one weekend I won't be expected to appear at a party!)

I've been trying to think of new features for my blog. If theres anything you'd like to see, give me a shout. One I'm going to try out for the next while is s song of the day. Today's is "Temptation" by Heaven 17 If you have any requests, let me know!

I'm happy to report I won my latest game of the heads-up championship against Niall "ocallagh" O' Callaghan. A victory is always nice but this was extra special as I've always thought a lot of Niall as a player and I can remember a time when I'd get mullered by him quite handily. That means I'm two wins from three in the competition and very much in with a chance again. I do however think 8 from 11 will be required to win the league. Here's to bagging another six!

I've had a good stint online these past few weeks I'm happy to report. I'm knocking on the door now for having a very adequate bankroll for 2/4. I will continue to play 1/2 until the end of the weekend and will then consider moving up levels next week. If anyone has any advise with moving from 1/2 to 2/4 I would really appreciate it.

That's your lot for today, thanks for reading....


Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm losing the hunger quite rapidly.....

My hunger for poker is depreciating at an alarming rate. The last three times I've went out to play live (The JP Sunday game, the IPO and some S.E. cash) I've been most unhappy for the duration of my time there. I really can't figure out what is causing this but I think the speed of the game is getting to me. 20 hands an hour just seems so boring. I'm constantly yawning, checking the time, trying to talk to other people, pretty much anything other than concentrating on the poker action.

I had a mammoth battle earlier this week to clear a bonus online which I duly did and made some money to boot. I did however find it a chore putting so many hours each day and the entertainment value is quite low at this stage. I don't know what I need to do to get back the desire I had for the game and to succeed, I just hope its a temporary lull.

I've played a tiny bit today but again have ran into the same problems. I'm not enjoying it and it feels like a chore. Tomorrow I'm doing something different and playing the JP syndicate game for the EPT Dublin. Its a nice tournament and either way I'm guaranteed to get a piece of somebody in the EPT if I don't win it., Hopefully I'll have a bit of banter and bring back the good times (LOL-how naff does that sound) at the red cow tomorrow.

Till next time....

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A busy weekend for some, an even busier one for Gordon...

Wow its been quite a hectic weekend. Hectic for me anyway but I suppose it was a cakewalk in relation to Gordon's. I'm sure he'll walk you though his weekend adventures himself but I personally just do not know how he does it. Playing from Friday evening, straight through to Sunday morning just seems like too much. I dunno maybe he's an athlete, I for one cannot comprehend it...

Speaking of Gordon he got off to a cracking start this weekend by taking down the Jackpot monthly game. In true Irish fashion (that I dwelt on in my last blog entry) there was three big tournaments all on this weekend. This clashing is becoming common practise it appears and I sure hope its not deliberate.

The other big game in town was held in the Emporium on Saturday evening. The reliable tournament specialist Ollie Boyce landed the winners prize so congratulations to him. The €200 monthly game is by far my favorite on the Irish scene and I'm pretty annoyed I missed it once again. I remember thinking at the start of this year that I was going to enter all 12 in 2007. So far I've played four and cashed twice. The thing that annoys me about that statement is that I should have played 10. I didn't go away for the summer I just keep clashing my arrangements. Lack of planning I'd like to conquer.

I managed to play at least 3 hours today online which was nice. I'd like to be able to play everyday to be honest even if it was just for an hour. Practise is important in anything and this business of playing for 8 hours and then not logging in again for a week is annoying me greatly. I have the money and I have the time to be playing and it's a damn shame that I'm not taking advantage off this. Anybody else having trouble keeping regular commitment to playing?

Not much more left to report on today. Full I.P.O review tomorrow....

Friday, October 05, 2007

A real treat for you today...

We are within hours of the IPO and I am quite excited (see IPO preview article)! It's going to be a fun day for all us poker players with action aplenty in the RDS from 10am. Betting, poker exhibitions and plenty of pre-tournament chatter is to be had on the most important day in Irish poker. I just hope everything goes smoothly and Stephen can pull off what is already proving to be an historic event for poker in Ireland. Oh and if you see me there, come say

I've done a quick betting preview on the Poker Ireland site, which is available for reading right now. I take a look at the main challengers this weekend and who could land the spoils in a €100,000 mega-tourney. Take a look and critizise my judgement accordingly!

Finally today I have something different for you all. Its a video of me playing a 'bit a the arrers' down in Waterford earlier this year. I don't play darts as the video will suggest but boy was it fun trying! The video is a little like a 'butlins' tape but bare with it it, it becomes increasingly cringe-worthy towards the end. My partner in the game is pro player Adrian Lewis. We are playing doubles against a Waterford local and Dennis Priestly. Enjoy the crapness!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's getting closer and closer......

Today was my first decent poker session in some time. I played for about 5.5 hours straight this morning at 1/2 and I'm ever so glad I did. I felt I had got into a solid groove which I haven't felt for a while and I played well as a result. I wish I could have more structure to my play.

A more consistant game seems to be a more profitable one for me. Even if I could play for something like 2 hours in the evening 5 nights a week I'd be happy. I just haven't been putting in consistent hours since September and I want that to change. Is anybody else having trouble with this? If you've any advice for me, leave a comment.

The bonus I'm trying to clear is worth $300 and I need joker points fast. I have till the 10th October so it really will be hit or miss. but with a bit of commitment I should be able to do it...

I'm in the process of writing a new article for Stephen's site today. Its based mainly on the betting market for the IPO and my take on the value to be had in both individual and team markets. Check out the site tomorrow for the tipping guide and see if you get a mention!

I have also learned today that the SE €200 monthly, the €100 CHL freeze out and the Jackpot €300 monthly games are on this weekend. I will therefore be missing all of them, some things never change!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I don't need the cheese or the car keys boy I like you just the way you are!!

Just a short update on what's been happening. Today I took a shot at 2/4 which was profitable, up a buy in or so which is nice. Going to continue playing 1/2 though and just take a shot once a week or so as I ain't got a great bankroll for 2/4. I'm fairly happy at 1/2 and seem to like things just the way they are.

Laddies Poker Million on tonight which is always a nice addition to a Tues Night. A buddy of mine Phil Laak (not really-I doubt he'd even remember my face let alone my name) is on, as is Patrik Antonious. Word has it its a good heat so is certainly worth a watch for those struggling with their highlighter pens and TV guides.

I'm really looking forward to the start of the IPO on Saturday. Should be a cracking event by all accounts and I can't remember a time that so many of the regular players that I know will all be in the one room. Whatever the result I'm looking forward to the occasion more than anything else at the moment. Come say "hello" I'd be glad for the chat.

Not much been happening on boards today other than an explosion of new deconstructing threads. Would be pretty frustrating if you're Smurph, Olly or Brianmc as I can't imagine they'll get a good grilling with so many to get through!

Paul Macspower (not his real surname) has started a new blog which im just rreading now and can be found at

My taste in music is diminishing even more as you can see by the title but hey its a catch lyric!

More blabbing tomorrow.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A pint of Tetley's please...

The daily updates are over I guess. I'm delighted as there's no pressure now to update daily. It seems like an easy thing to do at times but at other times it's just totally unfeasible. I went on my brothers stag this weekend in Madrid so there was no hope of me updating from there as I'm sure you can appreciate! I do like doing it most days and will just update as often as I can from here on in. Thanks to Mellor for the nice words, I'm glad to see people ARE reading it besides myself hehe.

Having been away all weekend I'm not sure whats been happening. Marc text me about his touch in the jackpot cash game on Saturday night. All the same he wasn't as eager to tell me that I wouldn't be on his team for the IPO. I asked him and Mick Stephens a week earlier but both seemed more interested in keeping it on the QT. Not even a response, they just got a team together of "good" players.

Gholimoli won the JP monthly game. A chip leader throughout the day, Eshan pressed his advantage home to score for a €3500 payday. Congratulations to him. Ozpoker, bottom feeder and Norwich Fan Rob were all notable final-tablists in what was hailed as another "super event" by all on boards. For such a great game its a wonder how they only get 40 runners. Considering the International Poker Open has 700 fully paid Internet registrations and Neil Kelly in Waterford (which isn't convenient for most) has another 400 for his game, It makes little sence.

The last time I played the JP game I must say it was a most unpleasant experience. I was late arriving to the game that I tend to do from time to time and it has never been a problem. Sunday’s game was different. I was assigned to a non-dealer dealt table with a bunch of absolute Muppet's. I've never deliberately wanted to get knocked out of a tournament until this game. I literally couldn't wait to get out of there.

Non-dealer dealt is a nightmare I had forgotten. I know JP was let down by dealers (he's not the only one it appears) but that's not my fault. It makes the games so sloppy and unprofessional. The standard of players seem to be getting worse in the Red Cow with people more interested in swearing at players 3 tables away, slurping pints and generally being repulsive. Also the live match of Chelsea V United reminded me of watching Ros Na Run at the back of Irish class. It was a useless monitor with dreadful sound and just like the Irish soap, difficult to understand.

I have a great deal of respect for JP hence why I wrote the article on the poker-Ireland website but I was not happy with that game at all. The Sunday game really has a "pub game" feel to it. This is fine; i understand the concept of "pub games" more than most. The JP Sunday game however I thought was going to be different. It was going to tackle the casinos and really challenge them for numbers. The €60 entry, the drink trays everywhere, the boisterous crowd and the sometimes lack of a dealer is bad news for JP's "rolls-Royce" game of the week. Maybe I'm only guaranteed one top class game a month now.

It may seem like I'm on the Tetleys today but that's just the way I feel. This is my blog and I'll cry if i want to.

More tomorrow.