Monday, October 22, 2007

The Jackpot IS the nuts!

Ya know what, the jackpot is still my favorite place to play cards. The people, the staff, the atmosphere and inevitably the poker is all top notch. Its the most welcoming place around I believe and the last couple of nights plays example to that. Friday night was great craic for instance. Having familiar faces around is really tops when it comes to a night's poker. I'm getting on with Gordon like a house on fire (no pun intended) at the minute and long may it continue. Keith Rooney also deserves a notable mention as I reckon he exemplifies all that's cool about the Jackers. He should become their P.R. manager!

I just don't get that in the emporium. The SE can appear cold and a little too business-like at times. I seem to be out of the loop anytime I play there and this is primarily the reason why I haven't been frequenting it much. It seems to lack banter, randomness and a sense of reality lately. Theres a possibility I could just be playing there on bad nights I suppose.

Saturday I played the JP free roll which quite frankly was a mistake on my part. Firstly I had planned on playing in Luke's for their quality tourney at 6pm. Now with JP's game starting at 1pm I should have foreseen the possible over-lapping but foolishly I didn't. Come 4pm I'm beginning to get anxious about getting out. I've a below average stack, I'm not enjoying the game and I'm going to miss the game that I intended on playing all along. Que attempted chip dumping. Conor Broomfield (who I know quite well from the jackpot) I taught could do with a top up as I'm forever pissing the poor lad off. Que bad beat for Conor, followed by some swearing at me. I'm not sure whether he hates me or if he just takes bad beats really badly but either way I always seem to be on the other end of his verbal. I got my commupons with an exit which perfectly coincided with getting knocked out reasonably near the bubble and Luke's tourneys shuffled up and dealt.

I played the big game in the Jackpot on Sunday. Some stacks of 2k plus to welcome you was kind of intimidating but I don't mind. I just play my game and my stack and let the others worry about theirs. Peter Maughan (who is an absolute gent for buying me dinner and isn't such a bad guy anyway!) was in flying form both on a and off the felt. I also met a much more somber and philosophical Conor Broomfield. All three of us seemed to have nice winning sessions with Peter inevitably taking the biscuit (I suppose he did buy dinner). I didn't recognise any of the others, probably cause they play bigger games than me, but one lad clad with ipod, sunglasses and any other poker stereotypical paraphernalia had a huge stack of Blacks/Greens. It makes a change from the old red/blues anyway.

Not much else to report by and large it was an enjoyable and successful weekend for me I'm glad to report (although I did lose a bit online today-but hey its bloody poker, cant win 'em all!). This just leaves me to give out song of the day Today's vid is Oasis singing "Hello". I was kinda singing this in the Jackpot this weekend so its apt!

Is it just me or am I in no position to be giving out songs of the day!?!?!?

More gos soon.....


Mellor said...

For what its worth, continue with the song a day, kooky quirks on the blog FTW,
im a week behind in mine, but im going to try keep it up.

4percent said...

PR man for the Jackpot? I'm flattered though I would love to know exactly how I'm encompassing all that's good about the place, I'm hardly there anymore I keep going drinking with Gordon!