Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I don't need the cheese or the car keys boy I like you just the way you are!!

Just a short update on what's been happening. Today I took a shot at 2/4 which was profitable, up a buy in or so which is nice. Going to continue playing 1/2 though and just take a shot once a week or so as I ain't got a great bankroll for 2/4. I'm fairly happy at 1/2 and seem to like things just the way they are.

Laddies Poker Million on tonight which is always a nice addition to a Tues Night. A buddy of mine Phil Laak (not really-I doubt he'd even remember my face let alone my name) is on, as is Patrik Antonious. Word has it its a good heat so is certainly worth a watch for those struggling with their highlighter pens and TV guides.

I'm really looking forward to the start of the IPO on Saturday. Should be a cracking event by all accounts and I can't remember a time that so many of the regular players that I know will all be in the one room. Whatever the result I'm looking forward to the occasion more than anything else at the moment. Come say "hello" I'd be glad for the chat.

Not much been happening on boards today other than an explosion of new deconstructing threads. Would be pretty frustrating if you're Smurph, Olly or Brianmc as I can't imagine they'll get a good grilling with so many to get through!

Paul Macspower (not his real surname) has started a new blog which im just rreading now and can be found at http://demac-blog.blogspot.com/.

My taste in music is diminishing even more as you can see by the title but hey its a catch lyric!

More blabbing tomorrow.

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Mellor said...

are the poker million heats on every tues now?