Saturday, June 25, 2016

Last night I get sick

Puked everywhere last night, was trying to get back to the room but stomach was having none of it. Too much whiskey. Quite hilarious when I went to try and retrieve the situation this morning.

"Last night, I get sick."
"Last night. I got sick. Sick." *demonstrate person getting sick.

"Ah ok. Yes."


I was trying to find where it happened so I could offer to clean it up, or at least tip the poor unfortunate that had to do it.

"So where did it happen?" I say.


"I don't know? *shrugs shoulders".

"You were one who is getting sick, how do I know where you get sick?"

The search continued out to the pool area where I asked another lad about it. The pool boy.

"Do you speak English?"


I decide to do what everyone else does in this situation and continue to speak English anyway.

"Last night, I get sick." *demonstrates getting sick


"Where did it happen?" * my hands in the air*

He encouraged me to follow him and eventually we get to the place of the incident, wet floor sign on the ground signifying it. He points.

"Sorry." I say. Looking at the ground now clean. I hand him a 20 and his face lights up. "Thank you!"

If he could speak English he probably would have encouraged me to puke again tonight.