Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's getting closer and closer......

Today was my first decent poker session in some time. I played for about 5.5 hours straight this morning at 1/2 and I'm ever so glad I did. I felt I had got into a solid groove which I haven't felt for a while and I played well as a result. I wish I could have more structure to my play.

A more consistant game seems to be a more profitable one for me. Even if I could play for something like 2 hours in the evening 5 nights a week I'd be happy. I just haven't been putting in consistent hours since September and I want that to change. Is anybody else having trouble with this? If you've any advice for me, leave a comment.

The bonus I'm trying to clear is worth $300 and I need joker points fast. I have till the 10th October so it really will be hit or miss. but with a bit of commitment I should be able to do it...

I'm in the process of writing a new article for Stephen's site today. Its based mainly on the betting market for the IPO and my take on the value to be had in both individual and team markets. Check out the site tomorrow for the tipping guide and see if you get a mention!

I have also learned today that the SE €200 monthly, the €100 CHL freeze out and the Jackpot €300 monthly games are on this weekend. I will therefore be missing all of them, some things never change!

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