Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vegas Pt.5

Finally got a win under my belt today. Played cash up in Binions for 6 hours tonight and took $730 out of the game. It was much needed I can assure you. After another lightning quick elimination from today's $1500 tourney I was contemplating coming home as things have just been that bad. Getting it in after 10 minutes with Kings and I still can't get a hand to hold, I really felt I was destined for brokes-ville. I've had a real kicking this week. It's so easy to lose a lot of money here either on tourneys, cash, socialising and of course gambling that it takes quite some discipline to juggle them all successfully let alone relying on your hands to hold when you do get the money in good.

My plan of getting some money together from cash games is almost over before it even began. I'd be delighted if I was even by the World Series which is a far cry from what I had planned. I'm still going to give the WSOP ME a try as things stand but it's in the balance. I need money to play poker in the future and I could do myself a lot of harm if I was to head for home a huge loser on the trip. As it stands if I don't cash in the ME that is where I'll be and this scares me. Lets hope I can at least get a safety net from cash in week two.

Finally, I have a runner on the final table of the H.O.R.S.E event in Barry Greinstein. Should he go on to win it It would be huge for me as I've backed him @ 66/1 with PP pre-tourney. Take it down Barry G.

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nicnicnic said...

Hi Gary Vegas was built to separate you from your money, I had a similar first week there last year but pulled it together, I'm sure you will to. I'll be rooting for Barry for you, that would be sweet, GL bud