Friday, September 21, 2007

The not so controversial blog a week on.....

Today Gordon told me I'm not "controversial" enough in my blogs. I'm not quite sure how to be controversial unless I'm just being controversial for the sake of it. Gordon claims that being "controversial" starts arguments and gets you more views and even a higher profile. I presume he's using somebody like Eamon Dunphy as a yardstick. I'm sorry Gordon but I am not Eamon Dunphy and don't want to be to be honest.

Poker has again been put on the shelf by moi. I feel I'm nowhere near in tune with the game as I'm not playing anywhere near as regular as I used to. I do hope to change this situation back slowly and I hope to play live on sat night in the jackers and will start squeezing in some online play to boot. I will try write about whats happening then even though I find it very tough to talk about myself. I find in boring writing it and can only imagine the reader is equally if not more bored reading it.

Hectorjelly did appear last night on Primetime and did a sterling job as I taught he might. I never realised the giant sums he won or lost in a day and I look forward to hearing more about them next time I see him! The gambling argument seems to be still very much a delicate debatable issue but I cannot see the legislation changing anytime soon.

Not much else to say on the one week anniversary of my "uncontroversial" blog. Other than well, I hate Gordon! :)

More tomorrow.

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Gordon said...

I didnt mean for you to put controversy in for the craic just that you commented that no-one had left any messages and a bit of controversy might get all of the lurkers out of the closet and thus result in people posting replies the odd time