Thursday, September 20, 2007

$1000 in 1000 secs

I played poker for the first time in 10 days last night and boy did I suffer. In what seemed like a heart-beat, I had blown $1000. It started when I jumped straight into a 2/4 game and got eaten alive. I did not believe that consistent practice is vital for your game but last night certainly gave me a wake-up call.

If Tiger Woods takes two weeks off and then plays an in-practise successful pro, Tiger would be making a big mistake to play for big dough. I should have played a lighter/lower limit game to get me back in the swing at least for a week or so. Jumping head-first into a level that I'm barely bankrolled for is unsafe to and very much an unwise decision. My plan from here is to play again tomorrow and throughout the weekend at 1/2 and hopefully I can get back in the groove somewhat. Here's to hoping!

Elsewhere congratulations to Joe (goodluck2me) who took down the €40 game in the jackpot last night for a well deserved €800. The Vegas road-tripper has been nurturing his game over the past while and his progress was evident last night in his victory.

In other poker news, JP poker has got a complete lineup for his EPT satellite syndicate game which will now take place on October 14th. The 25 strong line-up will leave one player with a ticket to the Dublin leg of the European Poker Tour and 55% of any winnings. The other 24 finishers will hold the other 45% of the action divided up based on their finishing positions in the satellite tournament.

Finally hectorjelly looks set to appear on Primetime tonight you will be pleased to hear! The expected 5-10Min's interview will at last leave poker in a favourable light for once following Monsieur Duffy's debate at lunchtime today re: online gambling. If you missed it needless to say the whole of Ireland are addicted to gambling and it will eventually ruin the economy. Have you ever heard such tripe I ask?

That's your lot for today, more gos tomorrow.

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Paul said...

LOL - good blog Gary. Love your comment about 'tripe' re addicted to gambling in a post titled '$1000 in 1000 secs' !!