Friday, September 14, 2007

Paintball + poker players =?

So what's been happening today I hear you ask?

Well so far I've been scanning
boards as usual this morning. It's fair to say that this is the main Irish poker playing portal, if not the only one. It's very handy for keeping up with the gos anyway. Lots of poker talk on there.

I notice JP poker (who was subject to one of my latest Poker Ireland articles) has a shiny new website on the inter web. Very fancy indeed. The resident DJ/website designer Niall O Callaghan appears to have done the job and a very swanky job it was too.

As usual the boardsies are having their say, with one macspower noted having a 3am discussion. The amounts of hands that man plays of poker in a week is really incredible. I could write a whole blog entry about Paul I'd say. Maybe I will someday but considering this is my first entry I wont...

Elsewhere on the Irish scene I see hectorjelly is organising a paint balling trip. Paint balling is a strange choice of entertainment I taught. What with the sheer aggroness of most players this could well have many such as cardshark or valor (thanks to their "to-the-point" argument styles) leaving in casts/slings. Not my cup of tea though. I'll probably be more interested in the
3.15 at Doncaster.

On the topic of people trying to cripple each other, there was two poker games on last night. They were both €100 freezes on in CHL and the SE. (I'm sorry but D/C is a fancy name for a freeze in my eyes). No reports from the SE on boards which can only make me assume boardsies were unsuccessful. In CHL Marky came 7th after getting "punished" for being more aggressive than the tight players around him. Dom was left in the remaining six but as of yet no reports on his finish.

On the me fein front I managed to beat Devore in the first heads-up game of Serie A. It was a repeat of last years heads-up final meaning it was somewhat of a Charity Shield style affair. He actually won the 1st game in 6 hands after I flopped a nut flush draw against his jacks and we got all the money in. The two games that I won were messy to say the least. I actually felt he played better in both but kept losing his crucial 50:50s. My performance you could say was more of a horrible Chelsea performance. Winning but winning badly. But that's how you win leagues apparently, I just hope I can play better in my next game (probably against Lucky Lucky).

So there you have it! My insight on Friday the 14th. I hope to do v regular updates of this so keep posted for speils on myself and of course the Irish scene.

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