Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Don't Open it this year...

I have decided not to play the Irish Open. Thank you very much for the advise that I got with my decision, it was not an easy one. The reason this wasn't an easy choice is because my current form is very over powering. I have been both winning and playing well. It is at these times that its pretty easy to get carried away. Prior to Drogheda the Irish Open was a no brainer. After the deepstack game it was a resounding yes. I'm glad I didn't rush a decision though as I'm now confident I have chosen the right option for me.

So who or what swayed my decision?

I made the decision on my own. I got plenty of advise and for that I am grateful. I was in a position to take either path and was given good reason for both options. Either decision has its merits and downfalls, pros and cons. So I had to make a choice. I thought about if over the weekend and came to my decision on Monday. Here's why:

The Irish Open is a tournament that means a lot to me. As a poker fan, this is the most exciting time of the year for Poker in Ireland. Citywest will be buzzing amidst the players, the stars and the anticipation of a spectacular tournament. To witness this occasion the best seat in the house IS NOT table number 28 seat 3. Yes, it would be awesome to play but then it becomes just another tournament. The best seat in the house, is the one on the rail. After all Noel Gallagher has never been to an Oasis concert.

The buy in is steep and I am not bankrolled for it. This was the most obvious cause for concern and one which is important. One off or no one off if I was to lose €4500 I would find that pretty hard to take. No matter where I came in the tourney I would not enjoy the Irish Open unless I won it. That in turn ruins it as an occasion.

Another option was selling off a % of myself. Thank you very much indeed to the kind offers from Dara and Noel/Collie. Without them, this would not be an option. This was an avenue I really did not want to go down however. I have never borrowed money in poker and I have never, ever sold a % of myself. The reason for this being simple. If I didn't have enough money for the entry I didn't play. I hate the idea of selling % as it is selling some of your edge. If you are in a position where you need to sell a % then the tournament you are playing is too pricey. I was probably in that boat and I am now holding through to my word by not playing the Open.

I want to enjoy the festivities next week. The only way I can guarantee this, is by not playing.

So what are my plans for the Irish Open?

I am working for Paddy Power as part of their blogging team for the week. This is a job which I will enjoy as many of you know. It gives me a chance to witness the Irish Open first hand, and be given accommodation and expenses and meals and get paid. This is something I am looking forward to and a job which seems made for me. I've done it before and I will do it again. Thank you Noel Hayes for the opportunity.

There will be plenty more Irish Opens in the future and one day I hope to play one. I'm still only 21 after all. With my consistent success over the past 18 months I see no reason why I can't play and be bankrolled :) for this tournament in the future. Until then I am going to sit tight.

Over and out.


Jackyback said...

Seems like you have made the right choice for yourself. Hopefully you will be blogging some sick beats & suckouts that i hope to hand out

GL Fran

dokearney said...

Well done on coming to a decision you're happy with, and also on landing the blogging gig. Sounds like you're making real inroads on that front too.

I promise to try to restrain myself from doing a Mike Ditka if you come near me just after someone bad beats me out.

Fungi said...

I'm also on the blogging team! Look forward to working with you. :)