Monday, October 20, 2008

The quest to become Fintan Gavin....

Wow, its been a while! This could be a long one.... Its tough to give reasons for the lack of updates but I guess it is mainly because of two things. A) I haven't actually been playing all that much and B) When I have played I ain't really been winning. But as Gordon says blogging is mainly just for bragging and I have fallen soundly into that particular trap.

So where can I start this brag.....

I have played both the IPO and the Killarney festival since my last entry so I guess I should sum them up asap. In Killarney I had a dose of day two syndrome for the third time in as many tourneys. Absolutely bolted out of the traps once again and had a fabulous day one, then boom crash wallop another day two disaster.

I'm suffering from a very strange problem which I cannot really explain with out sounding like an elephant. When I get to day two of a tournament I have decided that everyone is going to be making moves, everyone is re-raising with air, everyone is 3-betting so light I would be surprised if they even had a picture card and by and large everyone is out to get me and in particular my chips. Everyone. I guess I am suffering from paranoid-day-two-syndrome. I wish I could just relax. I over-think when it gets close to the money in tournaments and really I am just second guessing myself rather than trying to play smooth solid poker (that I have often been doing the previous day).

So 135th in Killarney for €0 and then about 1135th in the IPO for €0. Truth be known I didn't play my best in the Regency and deserved to get knocked out early. I think I should either concentrate in such tourneys or just not play them. There's never a reason to play like a donkey which is what I was last weekend.

One positive I can glean from the past while is that i managed to qualify for all three October tournaments thru satellites. It was a mini-goal I set myself about a month ago and I achieved it. I think playing satellites and being successful in satellites is a most beneficial skill to have. Every decent tournament out there has online satellites these days and I should not be paying the €500's and the €1500's to enter them when I am capable of satelliting in. In the case of the IWF it took 5 attempts but it's all good practice for next year. See I would really love to play both the Irish Open and the World Series next year and the only way this is possible is thru sats.

My next goal is to launch an assault on the LECOOP on laddies. With over $500,000 in added money over the course of the event it is possibly the best series on the net. I bubbled the satellites for the ME a few times (grrrr) but I need to get my name on the lists for as many of these tourneys as possible. Hopefully the sats prove fruitful as I would particularly like a spin in the $1000 ME, the $500 short-handed and the $500 HU Championship. Not to mention all the other added money nighty's to boot.

Also I have and will continue to dabble on PokerStars tournaments in particular their EPT sats. The chance of being the next Fintan Gavin is an opportunity I have most certainly bought into. From the few $109 sats I have played they seem tough yet achievable. I have yet to give the $800 sats a shot but I have got a token for one which is something.

Elsewhere it appears my online cash pursuit is taking a back seat for the moment. I got immensely bored with it during the summer and haven't quite recovered even still. After the LECOOP and my bash at the EPT sats I will probably have no option but a return to grinding out the 1/2 tables on the net. Or else I could do a Fintan Gavin and go on the uber spin....

Finally my live cash is absolutely dead too it appears. I haven't played live cash at all since I went back to college and I must say it is for the better. Ross J maintains its a creepish existence doing the rounds on the live cash scene and I would have to agree with the big man. At least i can wake and sleep similar hours to my friends and family now! The only thing I miss is Duke and Sarah and the rest of the Jackpot crew. I love the banter in there when all the regs are in the house but I guess the hours just ain't for me.

So not much else to report I guess. I believe a few ppl saw me on TV at the darts cheering on Phil Taylor last week. He is the greatest sportsman alive and is an absolute Goliath in his profession. And If bookies keep chalking up 11/8 I will keep storming in :)


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trishakids said...

Have you played the $800 sat yet? If so how did you do? Hard luck in Killarney..its nuts cos Gordon txt me to say you were doing well so i went looking for people to have bets on ya with!! Im sure you'll figure it out in time for the Irish Open, so i'll know who to put the money on!

Ciaran said...

Gary the lad!! How she cutting sir!

Nice catching up with ya at the IWF!
Are you going to Galway for the Irish Poker Championshios in early Jan?

Keep up the good writing G-man

You owe me an email to Mr G-man :)

Have a good one

Ciaran Big C